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Bachelorette Party Tips

Plan the party a few days ahead of the wedding.
Never the night before the wedding!

Have phallic objects available, such as pickles, carrots, condoms and vibrators to joke around and plan fun activities with.

Double-sense jokes, games and songs are a must at bachelorette parties.

Games in which guests have to shout, run, make stupid faces and poses and carry out absurd activities are the most fun! If you’ll all be drinking, it’s better if you stay at a hotel or at the hostess’s house.

Make fun of the bride, but be sensible: make sure SHE’s also laughing!

Bury your friend’s life as a single with fun activities that will make her and all her guests have a good time.

Think of the bride’s personality when planning your party games and other activities.

Make it a day to remember. not one she wants to forget.