Adult Theme Ideas

Fun Game Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

A Dress-up Party

The idea of bachelorette parties is to plan something memorable for the bride’s last night out. Make it a theme party and tell guests to come dressed up as cowboys and have the bride dress up as an Indian! It’s a lot easier to plan activities and choose your party decorations when you’ve chosen a theme for your party. Any cowboy game ideas? Well, anything fun that you can do with a lasso!

More costume party ideas:
dress up as sexy cats, rock stars, or policemen and gangsters!

The Bride’s Aim

The ring-toss game is a must to measure how good the bride’s aim is for her wedding night! You’ll need a toy pecker (our penis piƱata would do great) and 6 rings that fit around it. Place the pecker at a distance and have the bride and her friends stand in a line and toss the rings into the pecker base. The girl who racks up the most points wins a price and a punishment goes for the worst player!

Pin the Tie on the Guy

Hang a poster of a sexy guy on the wall, blindfold each player and let her try to pin the tie – or something else – into the right spot. For extra fun, use a large print out of the groom’s picture with few clothes on!

Sculpting Time

Give a pickle and a knife to each guest. The girl that best sculpts out a pecker wins!

How Well Do You Know Him?

A few days in advance, ask the groom several questions about dates, special events during their relationship or any details about them, such as when did they start dating or which of her dresses – or underwear – he likes best. Ask the same questions to the bride during the party. it’s a tequila shot glass for every wrong answer!

Yes or No


Write on cards the name of singers, actresses or other famous women. Stick a card to their back as each guest arrives. Each girl must guess what their “secret identity” is by asking questions that can only be answered with “yes” or “no” by the other girls. The one that guesses first who they are that night wins! This game is great to get guests to chat and know each other.